Lisa Schexneider is the President and Founder of Lisa Schexneider Ministries, a Church Planter, and lead pastor at LSM Christian Assembly Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Lisa Schexneider is a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God and studied at Global University Bible School. As a Revivalist to the nations, with a strong apostolic voice, Lisa has committed her life to serving and helping people however she can, regardless of their economic status or background, for people to reach their fullest potential.  Lisa, sent by Jesus Christ, is raising up Son’s & Daughters, Commissioning Leaders, Discipling Nations, and bringing Revival to the Church and outreach to the community.

At the young age of 13, Lisa gave her life to Jesus and was saved at a children’s retreat, and her life rapidly began to transform. Soon after, she received a vision that she was to preach the gospel of Christ around the world and was filled by the power of the holy spirit.  Due to numerous life issues, abuses, and a life changing accident, that dream was put on hold, although she was always incredibly involved in local and international ministry. She began full time Ministry over a decade ago, as a Revivalist to several impoverished villages throughout India and has never stopped.

Lisa teaches on several topics with a particular focus on how the Word of God applies to each of our lives. Her past hurts and abuses allow her to share openly and practically about her personal experiences, and helps others understand how to apply biblical principles into their own lives. Lisa also discovered how to overcome the pain and hurt of her past and have a life filled with love, peace, and joy by applying God’s Word to her life, and her desire is to help others do the same.

God has provided Lisa with an incredible opportunity to Love People, Share Christ, and Make a Difference throughout the world.